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Manual 1

Particulars of organization, functions and duties

(Section 4(1)(b)(i))


1.   Aims and Objectives of the organization                                  To impart education in Fine Art.


The objective of the syllabus/teaching programmes in the College is to achieve an overall refinement of the student perception not confined to the skills of the profession alone but also to create the kind of intellect as well as emotional cultivation to arrive at a level of composite creativity and thought. It aims to prepare the students for creative and applied responsibilities in the world of art and design. In its span of existence of nearly 67 years of the College has gradually grown to ensure an exalted position in the teaching of fine art in the country and comparable to any other art institution abroad. In future proposals, an unsurpassed range of patronage is envisaged to orient our teaching programmes to bond relationship with Industry, Commerce and Professionals including NGOs. This is in addition to the already existing extensive student research development projects, illustrated lectures/demonstrations by invited guests, workshops, educational study tours etc. in all the departments to create a catalyst for a richly rewarding learning experience and the future successes of the students.

The Faculty are practicing artists - painters, sculptors and graphic designers of national, international repute who enrich the teaching programmes with their expertise, thus providing the students with the opportunity of discussion and interaction with eminent and contemporary artists, designers and entrepreneurs.


2.   Mission/Vision                                                                              To produce manpower to meet the demand of fast growing influx of technology in the field of Fine Art.


3.   Brief history and background for its establishment             College of Art is an institution established in 1942 for advanced training in Visual Art (Creative and Applied) leading to the Bachelor of Fine Art Degree of the University (BFA) of Delhi. It is under the Faculty of Music & Fine Art for academic matters and is wholly administered by the Govt. of NCT of Delhi.













4.   Organization Charts





5.   Allocation of business                                                                  Academic programmes

Undergraduate     Postgraduate        Research.


a)       Undergraduate Courses (BFA)Full time


The following Specialization Courses are offered leading to Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in:-

i)         Applied Art

ii)       Art History

iii)      Painting                

iv)     Print-Making        

v)       Sculpture

vi)     Visual Communication


Duration of the Course is Four Years.


b)       Post graduate Courses (MFA)Full time


The following Specialization Courses are offered leading to Master of Fine Art Degree in:-

i)         Applied Art

ii)       Painting

iii)      Print-Making

iv)     Sculpture

v)       Visual Communication


Duration of the Course is Two Years.


c)       Academic Activities:-

i)         Induction Ceremony :-  Newly admitted

Students to BFA and MFA Courses are welcomes along with their parents and introduced to the Faculty, Staff and Students in July each year.

ii)       Seminar-Cum-Workshop:  “Samhita”- the

annual Seminar-cum-Workshop of a week’s duration is organized each academic year in the month of  September.  Five final year students one from each Specialization from 10 to 14 leading art colleges in the country are invited to participate, work, and interact with students and faculty of the college, visting artists and experts in the field.


iii)      Convocation:- Convocation for the previous

year batches of BFA and MFA held in November each year.

iv)     Study Tours:-       The Educational Tours

to places of historical, cultural and artistic importance in India are organized and partly subsidized by the College.  It is compulsory for 3rd year students and conducted during the academic session in December-January.

v)       Annual Art Exhibition:-     The College              

Organizes the Annual Art Exhibition of students work done during the academic year Merit prizes and Certificate are given to the selected students for outstanding performance.  The Art Exhibition is held during the month of March.

vi)     Annual Sports Meet :- An annual sports

        meet for the students of the college in         

        February each year.



6.   Duties to be performed to achieve the mission                        A)           ACADEMIC          :  All departments are

                                                                                                                                Headed  by senior faculty members who are

Designated as Head/Incharge of the Department who is responsible to supervise/impart training  as per Academic Curriculum of Delhi University & AICTE.


                                                                                                                  B)          ADMINISTRATION           :  Administration

is headed by Principal in assistance with Administrative Officer.



ADMINISTRATION          division is headed by an Office Superintendent  to provide  Administrative support to Staff and faculty in establishment matters.


i)                     Coordinating work related to Govt. of NCT (Department/DTTE/ Vidhan Sabha/Lok Sabha), DU & AICTE

ii)                    Matters relating to organization and methods


2)               STORE AND PURCHASE SECTION is 

headed by Store Incharge.  This Section provides mainly logistic support to the Departments which involves purchase, receipt, issue and store all types of requirements of consumable / non-consumable material including all stationery and other machinery and equipment for various Departments.

3)              ACCOUNTS SECTION COA is a Govt.

administered institution of Govt. of NCT of Delhi and various returns in connection with utilisation of grant / control of expenditure are to be submitted to Govt. of NCT through administrative departments regularly as

scheduled. Accounts-section is headed by A.A.O. to provide all support on account matters to the department.

The various functions of the Account Section are: -

a.             To facilitate the payment direct in the    bank account of the concerned officer/ faculty/ staff / persons as regards to

salary and related allowances to employees of COA through designated PAO of Delhi Govt. and to provide them the salary-slip.


b.             To release payment to Contractors / Suppliers / Firms / Govt. Departments dealing with COA by the cheque through

designated PAO of Delhi Govt. and delivered at official address by post.


c.             To deal with the Audit of the Accounts of COA yearly by AGCR as well as department(s) of Govt. of Delhi.

d. To ensure that the observations of audit are strictly complied.     

7. Details of services rendered

Our clients are: -

1              All students admitted to College for higher technical education:-


a)             BFA in the branches of

 Applied Art

Art History




Visual Communication


b)            MFA in the branches of

Applied Art




Visual Communication



2. Govt. of NCT department/organizations, Delhi University, Central Govt. departments/ organizations / AICTE


2. Industry/ firms/ suppliers

3. Citizens’ with Grievances against the College



a. To register students admitted for BFA & MFA as per norms / procedures approved by Delhi University.


b. To impart training /education/ at the undergraduate/ Post Graduate levels as per approved syllabus and  Delhi University ordinance.


c. To undertake sponsored projects and encourage Research in various branch of Fine Art.




b. To implement orders/ policy decisions/ guidelines of Govt. of NCT department/organizations, Delhi University, Central Govt. departments/ organizations / AICTE


c. To run academic programmes as per  approvedDelhi university norms


d. Sharing information with UGC / DTTE/AICTE/ Delhi University.


e. To attend public grievances redressal addressed to govt of NCT regarding the college.



a. To provide trained manpower possessing BFA/MFA  degree in specialised area of Fine Art.


b. To undertake industrial R&D and consultancy




a. The citizen seeking redressal of their grievances with College of Art can expect that the grievances shall be acknowledged by the same.


b. The grievances will be dealt on priority and perused until final disposal.


c. The citizens will be treated with courtesy and heard patiently to facilitate redressal of their problem.



8.   Citizens interaction                                                                      Wholly pertains to interaction of the College with the                                                                                                  parents of students.


9.   Postal address of the main office, attached/                             20-22, Tilak Marg, New Delhi-110001.

      Subordinate Office/field units etc.


10. Map of office location                                                                   Attached.


11. Working hours both for office and public                                 Academic – 09.00 AM to 5.30 PM  

                                                                                                                Administration – 9.30 AM to 6.00 PM



12. Grievance redress mechanism                                               Any grievances redressal from the Public Grievances Cell or Chief Minister’s Grievances Cell is looked into by the College.


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