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B.R.Sur. Homeopathic Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre
The Prospectus and Application form for Admission

The Prospectus and Application form for Admission
  Admissions  to the BHMS Programme are conducted by Guru Gobind Singh Indra Prastha  University. The admissions are through common entrance test conducted by the  University. The Admission Brochure and the guidelines for CET can be seen at  University website, which are uploaded in the month of Feb./March University  web link-
  Homoeopathy  is a dynamic, holistic, scientific and philosophical system of constitutional  andindividualistic drug therapy, based on the law of similars with the  potentiality of cure in cases that arecurable and palliation in cases that are  incurable. The therapeutic system of homoeopathy wasdeveloped by Dr. Samuel  Hahnemann, a German physician (1755-1843). A system of medicine born250 years  ago is still popular in Indian Subcontinent, Western Europe and North America.


   Dr. Seema Rai ,Principal (Chairperson)
   Dr. Neena Mehan ,Prof., Academic Incharge
   Dr. R C Bawiskar ,Prof., Member
   Dr. Prabeer Manna ,Reader (NFSG), Member
   Dr. Rajiv  Nair, Reader (NFSG), Member
   Class Teacher BHMS-I Dr. Amar Bodhi, Reader (NFSG)
   Class Teacher BHMS-II Dr.Rajiv  Nair, Reader (NFSG)
   Class Teacher BHMS-III Dr Vijay Kumar,Prof.
   Class Teacher BHMS-IV Dr. Sandhya Rastogi, Reader (NFSG)
   Dr. Archana Narang , Examination Coordinator, Reader (NFSG)

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