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The College of Art makes it its endeavor in its academic programs to take account of what has happened in the past, to be alive to the present and plan for the future.

Fine Art today is a multi-dimensional process reaching nearly all aspects of nature and humanity in search of form, expression and affirmation. The concerns of the artist spans the uniqueness of his / her own vision, the formative processes of life experience, and the complexity of his/her participation. Factors motivating Design range from the common needs for food, shelter, clothing and communication to the most esoteric desires of esteem and self-realization. Design is a force that historically reflects both individual interpretation, conditioned by changing environments and the restrains of materials and technologies of the time.

The Foundation Course is an intensive one year study at the first year level which is common to the Specializations of Painting, Sculpture, Applied Art, Printmaking and Visual Communication providing basic training in art and design. It is an introduction to inter-related, equally important subjects which include Drawing, Color, Clay modeling, Printing, Geometry & Perspective, materials and tools and exercises in form, aesthetics and concepts, all of which are designed to promote visual and textural sensitivity, formal perception and manual neat handedness.

The Course emphasizes on creating an awareness in the student about the fundamental principles of visual and design experience and to suitably prepare him/her for the Specialization Course. History and Appreciation of Art as a compulsory theory subject and language study of Hindi and English as qualifying theory subjects are studied during the academic session.

The Painting Specialization is a comprehensive, in-depth study of the principles of Composition, value, pattern, tone and color theories. Emphasis is placed on the creative process from concept to the finished art work. Focus also to the exposure to study from life, still life, outdoor, etching, lithography, silkscreen, mural and weaving. Aesthetics, History of Art and Methods & Materials are three theory subjects that are studied through the specialization.

The Course in Sculpture specialization lays emphasis on the exploration of the nature of three-dimensional form. And, introducing the student to material and technical skills to enhance personal growth and providing opportunities of consistent work to attain a level of quality. Theory subjects are the same as taught in the Painting Specialization.

The Course in Applied Art introduces the student to the history of advertising, strategy, copy-writing practiced in the different levels of year-wise study. The final project to be submitted is a complete Campaign promoting either an enterprise or a product or a social issue, along with the other work done during the academic year. The theory subjects of Aesthetics, History of Art and Advertising Practice & Profession are studied through the specialization.

The Art History Course offers a chronological survey of Indian and Western art from the dawn of civilization to the present time, including the most modern trends and ideas in the ever changing world of art. It facilitates the understanding of works of art within their historical context by examining issues such as politics, religion, patronage, gender, function, and ethnicity through both contextual and visual analysis; it is aimed at developing an understanding of the origins and functions of art within specific world cultures.

The student in the Course of Printmaking is exposed to the opportunity of benefiting from new materials, techniques and cultivating discipline in his work. The Course is meant to equip the student with such abilities as to inspire him to recreate the living quality of our art traditions in the contemporary manifestations of his work and an attitude of professional responsibility. It differs from other fields of specializations to the extent that a major portion of the creative work is intended to be realized through manipulation and exploration of the latest materials and processes in arriving at a synthesis between content and form rather than a direct application.

Students pursuing the Course in Visual Communication would be trained to develop in understanding of the various related mediums that include design, illustration & cartooning, photography, scripting, storyboarding, film making & editing, 2D and 3D animations, interface design and computer graphics. Emphasis will be upon the student’s expression, both on the practical and technical level from his/her exposure to individual objectives.

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