[Section 4 (1) (b) (iii)]

With reference the Manual No. 3, it is submitted in narrative form that P. R. Section usually receives the requisitions for printing of various items of the institute and some of them are presently being done in P. R. Section. First and foremost P. R. Section receives the requisition for the Printing (any items) and then P. R. Section gets the approval from the competent authority likely through AO/ HOO/ Principal. After the Administrative Approval the tender enquiries are prepared along with specifications and sent to the printer by asking the response within 21 days. Having received the quotations within the stipulated period of time & date the meetings notice is prepared for calling the committee to open the received quotations. After opening & singed the quotations, the minutes and comparative Statements are made and is placed before the

competent authority to be sent the Purchase Order to the lowest one or as desired by the committee/ competent authority. If permission accorded from the competent authority then the Purchase Order (s) is/ are mailed to the Printer (s)/ supplier(s). The Printed material, which is supplied by the Printer (s)/ supplier (s) is/ are to be handed over to the requisitioner. The bills received from the printer are placed for expenditure approval before the competent authorities through AO/HOO /Principal. Having accorded the expenditure sanction the bills are entered in the relevant Register (s) and then sent to the Accts section for the payment.

 The above processor takes different periods of time, which depend on various situations.

Submitted for information, please.

Presently the tendering is being done through the e-tendering mode as per instruction of Govt. of NCT of Delhi

Sr.No Activity Level of action Time Frame
1 Different games like Arm Wrestling Cricket, Chess, Carom, Football,Power Lifting, Table Tennis etc All the games are conducted under the tight supervision of Incharge Throughout the academic year
2 Delhi University Intercollegiate Tournament Teams are selected on the basis of individual and team performance. 3-4 Months
3 Invitational / Professional Intercollegiate Tournament Teams are selected on the basis of individual and team performance. 4-5 days
4 Annual Sports and Athletic Meet And prize distribution ceremony Meet is organized under the tight supervision of P.T.I and D.P.E in the college  2 days
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