Sr.No Activity Level of Action Time Frame
1 To received Request from student and put a into diary Like Annual Sports Farewell for final year students TLM_HAM Radio Freshers Party Alumni association Convocation Development of sports GYM Dispatch(LDC)clerk Same Day
2 To forward the request /letter to the concerned officer of the branch/section   Dispatch Clerk (LDC) Same Day
3 Marking of the Application/ letter by the concerned officer to the dealing assistant Acd branch Same Day
4 Submission of application/ representation /letters by the Incharge in the concerned file to the Dealing Assistant   Incharge Acd branch Second Day
5 If the request is in order and does not involve any financial implications, the same is submitted to the Principal, for approval/orders.   Dealing Assistant Next day
4 If the request involves financial implications, the proposal is sent to A/cs branch for examination/ advice/vetting Principal  Second Day
5 The A/cs branch duly examines the proposal in terms of rules, regulations and instructions on the matter and advices/ vetts the proposal in terms of financial implications/ budget provisions and the same is submitted to the HOO for seeking approval/orders of the Principal, AAO(A/c) Second Day
6 The file is then down-marked to the Incharge who down marks the file to the dealing assistant.   1.Principal,
2. HOO
Same day
7 In accordance with the orders of the Principal,  necessary draft orders/ replies are prepared for issuance. Dealing Assistant Incharge Acd 1 day
8 Draft orders/ replies are approved for the competent authority for issue.   Principal, Same day
9 Fair orders/ replies are submitted for signatures of the Principal  On appending the signatures   Dealing Assistant Principal Same day
10 Nominate the working committee for Event of students Principal Second day
11 Formation the Committees for Event like.Refreshment Stationery Light and sound Stage and pandal Photography DJ Banners And send to the Principal for approval   Incharge Acd branch Third day
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