Procedure followed in decision-making process
[Section 4(1)(3)(iii)]

Sr.No Activity Level of Action Time Frame
1 To receive application/letter and put a diary number Despatch Clerk (LDC) Same Day
2 To forward the application letter to theconcerned officer of the branch/section Despatch Clerk (LDC) Same Day
3 Marking of the Application/ letter by the concerned officer to the dealing assistant Section In-Charge Second Day
4 Marking the applications/ representations/ letters to the concerned dealing clerk Dealing Clerk (LDC/ UDC/ )   Second Day
5 Submission of application/ representation / letters by the dealing clerk in the concerned file to the Dealing Assistant Dealing Clerk (LDC/ UDC/ Head Clerk)   Third day
6  Examination of case /submission of proposals by the Dealing Assistant to the Section Incharge Dealing Assistant 2-3 days depending upon the nature of the case
7 Examination of the proposals by the Section In-charge and submitting the same to the A.O. for further consideration Section In-charge Administrative officer 1 day  
8 If the proposal is in order and does not  involve any financial implications, the same is submitted to the Principal, COA for approval/orders. Administrative officer Same day
9 If the case involves financial implications, the proposal is sent to A/cs branch for examination/ advice/vetting. Administrative officer (Account) Same day
10 The A/cs branch duly examines the proposal in terms of rules, regulations and instructions on the matter and advices/ vetts the proposal in terms of financial implications/ budget provisions and the same is submitted to the Administrative officer COA for seeking approval/orders of the Principal/ Administrative officer 2 days
11 The proposal is then submitted to the Principal for approval/orders.   Principal Same day
12 The case/ proposal forwarded is dulyconsidered in terms of existing rules,regulations & instructions and appropriate decision is taken by the Principal/HOO on the file. Principal 1 day
13 The file is then down-marked to the AO who down marks the file to section in charge/ head clerk) down marks the file to the dealing assistant.   1. Principal
2. HOO  
Same day
14 In accordance with the orders of the Principal/HOO,COA necessary draft orders/ replies are prepared for issuance. Dealing Assistant 1 day
15 Draft orders/ replies are approved for the competent authority for issue.   1. Principal
2. HOO  
Same day
16   Fair orders/ replies are submitted for signatures of the Section In-Charge. On appending the signatures the orders/ replies are sent to dispatch section for issue   1. Dealing Assistant
2. Dealing Clerk
3. Head clerk  
Same day
17 The orders/ replies are issued to the concerned person/ authority Despatch Clerk Same day  
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